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cheap alternative treatment for keratoconus and ocular rosacea

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  • cheap alternative treatment for keratoconus and ocular rosacea

    Hi all. New here. I've had severe eye issues for pretty much my whole life, and now I'm 46. Many years ago, I was diagnosed with keratoconus (football shaped eyes) and several years ago, ocular rosacea (and facial rosacea). This all resulted in me seeing a psychiatrist who prescribed venlafaxine capsules. Within 2 weeks, my facial rosacea disappeared. As it turns out, venlafaxine is not only a powerful SNRI but a vasoconstrictor. That was good but my wife kindly informed me that venlafaxine was turning me into some other guy, so I stopped taking it. Stopping led to 2 weeks of audible and visual hallucinations, and heart palpitations. My facial rosacea has stayed away and continues to stay away however, my keratoconus remains.

    Then, I was diagnosed with ocular rosacea. Although I could probably beat the ocular rosacea by going back on venlafaxine, I have decided that the cost is not worth the benefit. I have been to a host of eye doctors who prescribed minocycline capsules and antibiotic eyedrops. They helped temporarily but my body seemed to counter-adapt to the drugs after several months. At one point, my left was painfully bulging so much that it was floating around doing its own thing, and pus... lots of pus. I declined UV crosslink surgery after being quoted an irreversible worsening/improvement ratio of 50/50, and corneal transplants from a cadaver because I believe that my body would reject them.

    Anyway, I eventually developed multiple styes in all eyelids and sought an immediate OTC remedy. My wife bought plain old sterile lubricant eye ointment containing mineral oil and white petroleum. It initially burned a bit as I applied it and blurred my vision to almost nothing. Within a minute or so, the ointment thinned and soothed my eyes. As a tiny tube of this stuff is only about $10, I feel like I have hit the jackpot. The red in my eyeballs is gone, the red in my eyelids is greatly reduced, and no more infections! I been using it several times per day for over a year and intend to keep using it. Will it ever cure my eye problems? Probably not. Will I keep using for life? Absolutely!

    Hope this helps some folks. I am most mindful of those of us who have no access to healthcare insurance.

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    What is it called?


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      Originally posted by hästen25 View Post
      What is it called?
      Subject to the approval of a forum moderator, "Stye." (I'm not in the business of promoting commercial products.)

      Also, I've been using cotton swabs to mop off my eyelashes and eyelids after the ointment has been in my eyes for some time. On a bad day, the accumulated goop is yellow/off-white. On a good day, it remains mostly transparent. I close one eye and mop off the lashes, lids, outside corner, and inside corner all in that order. Then I do the other eye. I always use a fresh swab on each eye as not to cross-contaminate from one eye to the other. And again if it's a bad day, I reapply more ointment immediately afterward.
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