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EMF Radiation and Dry Eyes

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  • EMF Radiation and Dry Eyes

    I have had severe reactions to my dry eye condition and permanent damage to both glands from exposure to ionic radiation. One incident was from having an X-Ray on my knee. Also, more recently, I took an airplane flight from Alaska to the continental United States, and was exposed via cosmic ionic radiation which did further damage. Therefore, I now often walk around with a geiger counter to determine if the radiation levels are higher than the ambient normal range. However, I recently read about EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency) radiation, and I bought a meter to determine where there are high levels of E-Field and H-field frequencies. Surprisingly, the levels are very high when you get anywhere near an electric generating source. These levels were likely around us all, but I never considered how hazardous they may or may not be. I don't want to be stuck with having to measure EMF radiation in everywhere I go my whole life. Does anyone know if there is any kind of a link between EMF radiation and dry eyes? How concerned do I need to be about EMF radiation considering my severe dry eye condition? Thank You.