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    Hi, I've had MGD dry eyes for so long now. Started when i was around 24, and am now 62. Tested negative for Sjorgrens. The only think i can find it that i used Retin-A for about a year before the dryness started and it never went away. I had the lower ducts closed permanently and tried restasis and cequa so far. None of that helped. I have two health plans now, . One wants to try me on Xidra and possibly iLux if i get accepted to that, or if Xidra doesn't work. The other plan does nothing new for dry eyes, and has no technology to help dry eyes, other than write a prescription. So i went on my own to an optometrist who has all the new technology. I have several lower glands that have disappeared and the ones that are there are squiggly and have inflammation and some eyelashes have disappeared. Gunk on one eye during blink test, other eye was clear. I was unable to relax when they tried to evert / flip my upper eyelid to take a picture, so that was a bummer. He recommended 4 sessions of IPL with expression. i'm wondering how i'm to tolerate or relax for the expression, i'm not sure i can. Or if i should just wait and see how teh xidra and possibly ilux will work. The xidra is supposed to help with inflammation too? I don't have high hopes for it, but i guess it's possible. The Xidra and ilux will be covered, so maybe i should wait before going to IPL. All advice is appreciated!

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    I have plugs in lower and upper ducts, as well as making many dietary changes. GF vegetarian, little sugar, etc. Green powders and high doses of Omega 3, borage oil and magnesium. Liquid Mag will hydrate your whole body if you give it a few weeks. Also I’m using bandage contact lenses, and preservative free steroid drops 2x a day. I always take the lenses out at night. Feel free to contact me here.