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Hello - very dry eyes in the UK and depression

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  • Hello - very dry eyes in the UK and depression

    Hi I am based in Cheshire in the uk.

    I took accutane over 15 years ago and since then I ve had problems with dry eyes.

    Since about 2019 things settled and I was pain and symptom free up until about 3 months ago.

    From almost nowhere symptoms came back again and have become very severe quickly.

    I have both MGD and aqueous def and signs of allergy. The glands are almost all there and are producing a clear oil but the quality and quantity is low. I also don't blink properly most of the time.

    I have noticed that when my eyes are really burning my face around the nose and top of cheeks are burning too. There seems to be something inflammatory going on and I was recently diagnosed (almost to the day my eyes got worse) with mild Crohn's.

    I work full-time in front of a computer screen and cannot currently work. I can't drive very far and I can't watch much TV.

    I have hit a huge depression over my eyes and have had some very dark thoughts but I am sure I wouldn't act on them. For the past couple of months I have regularly broken down uncontrollably as I am so concerned about thr future.

    I have 2 very young children and wife and my dry eyes and mental health issues have put a huge strain on the family.

    I have seen 3 specialists recently. One recommended probing which I don't want to go ahead with. One has recommended IPL and low level light therapy which I am going ahead with next week with.

    I want to get back to workers soon as possible and am looking into different types of screens and screen reader software to minimise the amount of time spent on the computer.

    Keen to hear any thoughts on my position especially how I can keep strong and hopeful that I will find a solution again.

    thanks in advance and I found it really helpful looking at some of the posts this afternoon.

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    Hello, I am sorry you are in pain. How are you now? Did any treatments help? Also, when you mention it clearing up for a while, did you do anything special in that time for it to heal?


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      Hi, I advice you To do probing and ipl.
      dr martin smith in lincoln
      I have done this traitment and I hope more improvement .
      my TBUT was 0
      and now 8 for the left eye and 5 for the right
      you have To do a lot of blinking exercices


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        I have done first probing in august and second in september with ipl. On onother session ipl in october and one in 1 week. The treatment is not finished. I hope To be more improved.


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          Hi....I am based in the West Midlands and have suffered with extreme dry eyes for almost 3 years. I feel your pain as I too struggle to drive and watching TV is a nightmare. I tried a treatment called Tixel (done privately) which was supposed to increase tear production. Sadly it had no effect, but may work for others. I'm currently waiting to have punctal plugs fitted on the NHS which I hope will offer some improvement. The consultant has also put me on Ikervis (ciclosporine) as I have occular surface disease, but so far there has been no improvement. However, I understand it can take a few months to have an effect and I've been on the Ikervis 3 months now.
          I would be interested to know why you have turned down the meibomian gland probing, maybe it is because of the cost as I know it is very expensive and as I understand it, unavailable on the NHS, but don't really know a lot about it. Perhaps the IPL had a positive effect? Have you tried moisture chamber glasses? I do find them helpful as they provide a seal around your eyes to keep out wind, and they also help a little to watch TV. You can get some or most of the styles with prescription lenses. Just type in moisture chamber glasses and the uk site in Exeter will come up as I am not allowed to give details of the actual Company on here. You will find lots of useful information on the website and the guy who runs it is most helpful. Hang on in there...


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            Hi, I have done probing and ipl


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              You have the typical presentation of a person who took Accutane: meibomian glands are there, but they don't work properly.

              I made a lot of research about Acutane induced MGD, and it seems that the best solution is probing+IPL, as it is the scar tissu which does prevent MG to work.

              Good luck.


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                Knutsford123 buy a pair of moisture chamber glasses ASAP. you require a series of IPL sessions with probing.

                Stargazer33 I had Tixel treatment a eye clinic in Solihul. Was a waste of nearly 1k. Did absolutley nothing for my mgd of AD. I suspect it did not work for many people. Anyway their pricing was outrageous. I am so desparate you could say 'fool and his money are soon parted'.


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                  Bonjour Cissou, how are your eyes doing after probing and IPL?