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Would this be good for dry eye?

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  • Would this be good for dry eye?

    I found this supplement while reading online that omega 7 was good for dry eyes it has omega 7 and hyaluronic acid which I also read that helps with dry eyes would this be good? I know it says for joints but I read that omega 7 and hyaluronic acid are good for dry eyes

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    Hi, good to know you are trying hard to find solutions but everyone is different.
    This helps me, does not mean it will be good for you.
    There are many food are good for dry eyes, such Vit. E, Omeg 3 + Omeg 6 together, Vit. A, Vit. D etc.
    Again, try to find REASONS first. try to find a real expert who is keen and capable to find solutions for you. It takes time!!