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Moorfields Private Eye Hospital- Opinions?!

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    Thanks, PhoenixEyes, for the advice. Also, I'm so sorry to hear about the horrible problems you've had and are having with your eyes. It sounds like you've been through the mill!

    I've heard FML is less risky too - so perhaps that's why he wasn't bothered. I probably wouldn't worry too much either because it's not a long course like you were on, it's just a few weeks (and with tapering down) but I have a few risk factors for glaucoma, which is what worried me a bit. I'm only slightly more likely than other people to get it but I don't want to increase the risk!

    I''m not keen on FML anyhow because of the preservatives (I've never done well on eyedrops with preservatives) so I'm going to ask about ikvervis instead at my next appointment, but I'm feeling less worried about FML (after reading a few threads on here) than if it was a different steroid.

    I know several of the opticians near me check it. I've had it checked every time I have an eye test because of increased risk (nothing to do with steroids) so I guess it shouldn't be too hard to stay monitored if I did take steroids but I'm hoping to stay off them.


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      Originally posted by IrishEyes1992 View Post
      Really sorry that happened to you! were you using the steroid eye drops every day for 4-5 months or how often were you using them? Using them definitely makes me a bit nervous lol.

      Im glad your eye pressure is normal again!

      I have an appointment at Moorfields on Thursday morning, I want to see if they will give me Ikervis, though knowing my luck they won't! I feel nervous about it lol...feeling like it will just be another disappointment!
      I've messaged you