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Antibiotics for MGD

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    Hi dryirisheyes. Sorry for the delayed response, but I did not see your question to me back in October!

    Yes, I do have several meibomian glands that have atrophied. The glands I have left are generating some oil now, and seems the diet changes also helped my severe aqueous problem some too, so now I have a thin tear film. However, I will always have some degree of dryness because of the gland dropout, so I wear sclerals lenses to help manage that.


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      So instead of taking an oral antibiotic for years or forever would it work to use a topical antibiotic ointment on the lids or is the inflammation that you are targeting deeper than that?

      Just a note hannsho you have good stuff to offer but can you make your writing bigger it is hard to read especially if my eyes have a bit of a film.


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        Hi Farmgirl,

        Sorry about the small font size - I did not do this deliberately and was surprised and dismayed that the letters appeared so small. However, I managed to enlarge them now and will watch out that it doesn't happen again - and thanks for pointing it out.