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  • Off to my appointment

    So its been 6 months. I gave up dry eye routine. Tried scope fish oil for a few months. Ive just noticed used it for a month and my nose esepcially got very oily. Just finished the fish oil, will go onto the not capsules but just the oil version without capsules. 3 years and no relief. But i did find out allergies is one of my things so its better than nothing. Still using catacrom. May have a job this weekend, been job hunting or looking at apprenceships. The stress depression and dry eye nearly killed me. I became obsessed. Simce then its the last thing on my mind, yes i see red lines but i just hope one day when i get to normal those will go. Im off to london in june. So ill tell the results roday for my dry eye. Long as its over 4 seconds ill be happy. Opthamologist told me mild dry eye and eat more fish. Wow!!! Didnt think of that did I!!! So annoyed. I didnt get told about the lid wiper condition. Just eat more fish and its mild dry eye. Like that was no help. I hoped to hear maybe trying cyclosporin would be good. Dont need those special contact lenses. Seems like people withouy dry eye dont givr a care in the world..only when dying is involved. Im alive and trying to live again with blood clotting problems. Seems silly but i think i survived for some sort of reason?