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  • Schirmer scores

    Hi all,
    I have been told I have MGD as a cause of dry eye.
    I havenít had a schirmer test done. In theory should this come back as normal if it is MGD related dry eye?


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    In theory! Thereís a lot of controversy over how useful the Schirmer test really is. I think the test is more helpful when used in conjunction with other tests but by itself, Iím not sure it tells us much. My dry eye docs donít usually even bother administring the test to track my progress instead they use other methods like tear osmalrity, MMP-9 markers, OSDI survey, or meibomiam gland scale.


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      I had a lipiview done and it was concluded to be oil gland related. But he didnt do a schrimers test and I was wondering why not. He seemed to rule aqueous deficiency out, but Iím not really sure how without doing a schrimer test?


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        Maybe ask your doctor next time if he thinks a schirmer test would help. It's possible that he saw a tear film or tear lake upon examining your eye through the slit lamp, or there was no staining visible on the cornea when applied the dye. But no need to speculate, I would definitely ask him at your next visit he there is a role for aqueous deficiency. Did you do the Lipiflow?


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          I did have lipiflow done, itís been 3 weeks and I think there has been some improvement, but apprently it can take longer to feel the real difference.
          I have a follow up on Tuesday, so I will ask him about it all then.