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How do I get Ikervis in the UK?

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    Originally posted by MGD1701 View Post

    It is such a joke that Ikervis as a last resort.
    Why most people have to visit many doctors and still suffer? This is the main reason. Doctors do not intervene early enough.

    I watched a lecture recently, some opinion leaders in USA discussing some cases.
    One case: patient with very red eyes (rosacea), no pain. Osmolarity were 325 or so etc.
    These doctors ALL said we need to catch/treat this patient earlier, with Restasis, xiidra etc.
    Because of NHS costs thats why. And your need to be considered severe for the treatment hence why last resort. I went to an opthamoligist and no help because i used castor oil and had 6 seconds tbut. No ikervis or scerelas mentioned.


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      Good to ask - if we dont try, we dont get it. If still no luck, ask WHY or try other doctors.
      tbut 6 sec does not mean you do not have inflammation nor water issue.
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        Originally posted by epicjinx View Post

        You mention very itchy eyes? I would check for allergies could be possible. They check your eye lids on the inside to see about this. I hope this helps!
        Hi the only time I got itchy eyes was when I had the punctal plugs in this summer, for that reason I had to have them removed after one month. I have hayfever which would have explained that.

        I have had the insides of my eyelids examined by various doctors and they have said there is inflammation but they don't know why. I was on catanorm for a while but it didn't help. Apart from hayfever I do not think I am severely allergic to anything but I would like to get tested for allergies for peace of mind.

        Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available on the NHS, and to get tested privately would cost me 450 here in London which is just too much for me at the moment.


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          Originally posted by Fairpricerx

          Hey. I have the same question. Have you already solved your problem?
          Hi yes I got a private prescription. I have to pay full price for it but it's better than not having it at all....


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            I got 2 boxes ikervis and restasis prescription that I don't use anymore, anyone wanna buy cheap?