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UK recommendation for scleral lenses

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  • UK recommendation for scleral lenses

    Looking for a good scleral fitter in the UK.

    Ideally experienced in dry eye. Also experienced in LASIK damage would be a bonus.

    I've come a long way in my journey the last 14 months but still struggling at work and socially. Trying sclerals would seem the next logically step.

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    Sorry you are still struggling. Thereís an EyePrintPro scleral specialist in London, if you look on the EPP website below. The EPP fitting methodology takes a physical mold of your eyeball, used to make the scleral customized to the shape of your eyeball, taking the guesswork out of the fittings. One of my good friends recently got an EPP lens here in the U.S. and she is doing very well with it. Rebecca also has EPP, and she has often mention EPP as one of the top scleral providers for dry eye patients.

    From past posts in this forum, sclerals are also available at Moorfields and Oxford hospitals, but have not seen any input on patientsí outcomes from these places.

    I personally wear Boston PROSE sclerals and am very happy with them and their specialists have a lot of experience with dry eye patients, but donít believe there are any PROSE specialists in the U.K.


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      Thank you.

      Will be looking in too this.