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  • Fed up

    As the title says I'm fed up. My eyes are becoming more blood shot. I might ask my gp for blood tests to check exactly what I'm allergic to. Allergy drops stop working tablets didnt work. Is allergy shots something I can get access to or because I have pac which online says its mild yet chronic? Everything I use stops working. Still using the fish oil. But I dont know what to do about my allergies and I'm becoming clueless. Was referred to eye hospital last year in Feb to have no sign of an appointment, I'm far away from home, and I thought I'd have this problem under control? I'm starting to hate my eyes because of this disease. I havent tried sceleras ikervis or serum eye drops. I'm a bit clueless because if allergy drops dont work, then I dont know what else to do? I've had a mild reaction to my cat but I think it was because shes an outdoor cat (when I was back home)? Is there anyone on here with allergies and dry eye that has gotten some relief? I'm starting to feel like I wont ever get relief again

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    Any progress?


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      Unfortunately not. Doctors just ignored me when I pressed about suspected allergy. So back to square one