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Testosterone cream on eyelids uk

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  • Testosterone cream on eyelids uk

    Has anyone in the UK used testosterone cream on there eyelids for mgd?

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    Not a chance.

    Try convincing a doctor in the UK of the connection, I've tried.

    Plus we don't have access to compounding pharmacy to make it.

    I know someone who has used it but is a US citizen and got it prescribed by US doctor, then compounded before returning to the UK.


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      I was a little bit worried about needle. I used to be able to not take them.. Even the thought of a shot send shivers up my spine..

      That fear goes away after your first few easy painless injections..

      If you have to start shooting, its pretty easy to convert to it if need be..

      Those patches i believe you put under your arm tho? bicep/tricep area.