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What’s this fold ? I am lost.

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  • What’s this fold ? I am lost.

    Hello, i have been suffering dry eyes for 12 years. Now I have this fold in my right eye and every blink it’s a lot of pain. What could it be ? And what to do. My docs told me it’s in my head.
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    Could it be Conjunctivochalasis?
    It is defined as a redundant, nonedematous conjunctiva that causes a wide variety of symptoms ranging from completely asymptomatic, to worsening of an unstable tear film, and when severe, a real mechanical disruption of tear flow.


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      Thx, I have the same opinion, but my doc didn’t see anything or doesn’t want to tell me, I don’t know. I suspect that for him it has to be parallel to the lids, but I see some people with vertical folds also.


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        I also have this folds when i move my eye closer to the eyes, and I don't know if there any complications having this if i have DED