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  • Post Your Daily Routine

    I thought it'd be helpful if people post what they're doing, then others can see and ask questions and such. Here's mine:

    AM: Restasis drops in each eye
    eye lid heat and massage (if not feeling lazy)

    throughout day: Systane preservative free and TheraTears in a bottle

    : doxy 100 mg

    PM: Restasis in each eye
    eye lid heat and massage
    eye lid scrub
    doxy 100 mg
    Erythromycin ointment right before bed

    Wow, so much now that I look at it. Sometimes I wonder if maybe less is more . . .

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    AM- Wake up and flush eyes with Saline, then Thera Tears in vials.
    Thera Tears in vials instilled another 3-4 times before I leave for work. I have a hot shower rather than doing a hot pack.

    Throughout the day, about every hour or so, Thera Tears in vials or in the bottle, depending on where I am. It's more often when my eyes are especially hot and irritated.

    In the late evening, I take another hot shower to sooth my eyes.

    1/2 hour before bed time, instill TheraTears in vials. Wait 15 minutes. Then one drop Restasis each eye. Wait 15 minutes. Then one or two drops of GenTeal gel and off to bed I go.

    Around 2 or 3 am, I have been waking up needing to put in either more gel or TheraTears.
    Every day with DES is like a box of chocolates...You never know what you're going to get.


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      For my routine, it goes like this - first thing is a flush with sterile saline, then Systane. Five minutes later it is a drop of Lotemax in each eye. If my eyes feel particularly bad, five minutes later it is Acular in each eye. After that, (depending on how dry I feel), I use NutraTears if not too dry or Dwelle if I am very dry. This is usually about every 2 to 3 hours all day long. All of this is supplemented with HydroEyes and an essential fatty acid supplement morning and night. In the evening, it is once again Lotemax in each eye, then Dwelle a bit later, then GenTeal Gel right before I turn out the light and go to sleep. So far, I have not had to get up for more drops or gel during the night.


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        Gaye - How long did the steriods take to start working? Are you on them indefinitely or are you tapering off?


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          I use a warm compress upon waking in the a.m. and also one drop of Restasis.
          Throughout the day I use Refresh Tears when needed.

          I use another warm compress at night and another drop of Restasis before bed.

          I recently went to my first opthamologist appointment and she prescribed a 2 week course of Alrex, but I've been scared to try those yet! (This is all so new to me!)

          Question re: eye lid scrubs....what do most people use to do these? Are these done after removing eye makeup? (Please excuse my ignorance!)


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            I don't know how long anyone's productive day is. Mine certainly became shorter once I developed surgery-induced DES.

            4:00 a.m. restasis in both eyes
            5:00 a.m. genteal in operated-on eye; drops in eye that uses contact
            6:00 a.m. shower/lid massage
            6:30 a.m. out the door and work

            If a bad-eye day - Systane or Refresh at about 9:00 a.m.

            1:00 or so - Systane or Refresh (whatever I started with)

            7:00 p.m. contact out
            restasis in both eyes
            close eyes/listen to books on tape or news/warm compress or
            ice depending on need

            I can usually go a day on one vial. The operated on eye is the one that needs the major help. Unless I have a late meeting that lasts until 9:00 p.m. (then another squirt), I am asleep by 8:00 p.m. I am still trying to keep up some of the activities and projects from before the surgery, but it's a day to day challenge. I am cautious about where I spend time (humidity, stressors, etc). I do not go out at night if I can help it due to GASH.

            I am thinking about starting a saline wash. Also, I liked the discussion about refrigerated meds. Please continue it. My doctor told me to put the open restasis in frig. It stays there for about 9 hours while I sleep. I know where it is in this cycle of care.


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              my routine

              6:30 a.m. a big glass of water with Cellfood and put on my protection glasses
              7:15 a.m. flaxseed supplement
              (I usually do not instill my eye during the day unless it is really dry and in that case I use Dwelle on a need by basis - I live in a very humid climate in Central America )
              9:00 p.m. hot compresses and Dakrina.



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                My routine

                What a great idea to post these. Very interesting and helpful.


                Hot compress
                Rinse with Saline
                Freshkote drops (used every 2 hours throughout the day, more or less)
                2 Tbl. Flax oil
                1 1000 mg. fish oil
                900 mg. Neurontin
                Drink water throughout the day (I just took a big gulp right now)


                1 hour rest/nap using genteal gel in right eye.
                900 mg. Neurontin


                900 mg. Neurontin

                Before bed:

                Rinse with Saline
                Dwelle and then Refresh PM in right eye only.

                Occasional lid scrubs

                I don't think I forgot anything. It's become so routine now.



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                  Originally posted by Chris
                  What a great idea to post these
                  Agree!! I just "stuck" the thread to keep it visible. I'd invite all new & old users to post here with their routine... very interesting reading & always brings up some fresh ideas.
                  Rebecca Petris
                  The Dry Eye Foundation


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                    -Hot shower using warm compress/washcloth while in shower for about 15 minutes
                    -Serum drops
                    -Refresh tears
                    -2 BioTear tablets

                    THROUGHOUT DAY AND EVENING:
                    -Refresh Tears and/or Blink Drops

                    -2 Biotear tablets
                    -Refresh Celluvisc for sleeping
                    -Goggles for sleeping


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                      Let hot water run over my face in shower for a few minutes then lid scrub
                      Hydro Eye, fish oil, borage oil (with food)

                      During day:
                      Bion Tears or Systane Free (usually every 2 hours)
                      Wrap-around sunglasses for eye protection outside
                      Similisan drops for allergies when needed (just started giving those a shot!)
                      Drink lots of water

                      Eye wash after work (if its been a bad day)
                      Compress after work (if its been a bad day) - warm or cold depending on pain
                      Hydro Eye, fish oil, borage oil, 2 tbsp. flax seed oil (with food)
                      warm compress and lid scrub before bed
                      Sleep with Genteal gel and sleep mask


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                        To Flick re: steroid drops

                        Hi Flick - I have sent you a private message about the steroid drops.


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                          Lid scrubs

                          Question re: eye lid scrubs....what do most people use to do these? Are these done after removing eye makeup? (Please excuse my ignorance!)
                          Most people=?........As for me, I use Eye Scrub "Sterile Eye Makeup Remover & Eyelid Cleansing Pads." They are expensive @$11.99 for 30 scrub pads.

                          If I am out of these, I'll use Q-tip moistened with Saline and run the Q-tip over the edge of the eyelid lashline. There is much info on the bb about using diluted Baby Shampoo and cotton balls as scrubs, too. Some people find these a bit harsh. They are more economical than the "Eye-Scrub" by Novartis!

                          You would use lid scrubs of any kind after washing your face and/or removing any eye makeup. Be sure to rinse well after you do the scrubs.
                          Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

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                            lid scrub info.

                            Thank you!! I just now saw your response. I appreciate your good information!


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                              - Shower - Let the hot water run over my face to remove dried gel on lashes.
                              - Warm Compress - about 10 min.
                              - Lid Scrub w/ Ocusoft scrub pad
                              - 1 Drop of Restasis in each eye

                              During the Day:
                              - BION TEARS when needed
                              - 100 mg. Doxycycline at lunch (sometimes dinner if I forget)
                              - 6 Thera Tears Nutrition Gelcaps

                              - Warm Compress - about 10 min.
                              - Lid Scrub... if I'm not too lazy
                              - 1 drop of Restasis in each eye
                              - Genteal Gel
                              - Sleep Mask

                              This is my routine. Ugh! I get so tired of it sometimes.