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Dopey Kiwi with Light Sensitive eyes...! What type of dark lenses would help....?

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  • Dopey Kiwi with Light Sensitive eyes...! What type of dark lenses would help....?

    Yes, even a Kiwi can be confused with Light Sensitive Eye wear..

    Hi, I live with (spastic) Athetiod Cerebral Palsy from a very traumatic birth.. This type of disability makes it very challenging to use my limited hand and finger dexterity.

    I am hoping to perches two sets of MCG's as my eyes are extremely dry, burning and sandy.. I'm also Light Sensitive and I require advice on the best lenses to get for MCG's. I'm wearing prescription progressive lenses in ordinary frames with a rose tint at present, plus another set with the same lenses in Polaroid rap Sunglasses with a heavier frame.

    From the dry eye shop catalogue; I've been looking at Wiley-X in Blink or Brick MCG's with possibly rose prescription lenses like I have now or should I be looking into the Light Adjusting lenses for my Light Sensitive eyes, for indoor use..?

    I do like the Wiley-X Airborne with Light-Adjusting lenses, but prefer the Wiley-X AirRage as they can have Polarized Silver Flash lenses. My guess is the AirRage are better/darker lenses and should be better for Sunglasses in our extremely bright sunshine..?

    I also like the Tranquileyes Moisture Release Eyewear but not sure if these will accommodate prescription lenses.. I was also attracted to the Evader OverRX as this would be a less expensive option but do they fit over the Blink or Brick MCG's..?

    Any advice on the best type of MCG's is very appreciated - Mike

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    Hi Mike,

    I would not consider the listed frame/lens combination as the main limiting factor because at the end of the day you can probably get any kind of lens in any frame (esp. if working with a local optician for Rx lenses) if needed. If possible deal with two parameters separately- getting the frame that fits best (for the best moisture seal) and getting the best lens choices. I put a few other notes into this thread.

    Tranquileyes moisture release eyewear do not take prescription lenses yet. Evader 1 can take prescription lenses though - also here's a link to the full ready-made lens options they have.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation


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      Well my eyes are ok,

      Had my eyes examined this afternoon and no form of eye disease. Boy was I pleased to hear this words, and I sincerely thank you all for your wonderful support and prayers....

      I had an eye test first that showed my eye prescription is about right, just my reading distance has deteriorated a little..The eye Dr couldn't do the paper test to see how dry my eyes are, as I can't keep my head still enough for this test, so he used a die test instead. It did show parts of my eyes are dry while I seem to have better patches as well.. He thinks punctal plugs may help, but didn't have the right gauge for my eye plug size.. He wants to try the punctal plugs that slowly dissolve over three months and if they help, he is going to put permanent plugs in under my top eyelids first.. So now just a wait till the dissolving puntal plugs arrive.

      He found I now have (sorry can't remember the name he used) over dilated eye pupils, by about 3 to 4mm and explained that's why I'm now light sensitive... My newest prescriptions are only rose tinted so I may need to have the polaroid sunnies upgraded to my new light sensitive prescriptions for day eyeware, but he feels the MCG's are a bit over kill.. I explained that when I tried wearing my swim goggles for a day and my eyes felt better, he said I could possibly get quite a dark pair of prescriptions lenses made up for a pair of MCG's, as I would only need to wear them outdoors and as well as driving...

      I'd still like the dark MCG's for outdoors, so if the eye Dr won't help I might get a pair made up at the company that is the WileyX agent here in NZ... But I will wait till we get through winter first and see if the punctal plugs work, before going on to the MCG's..

      It's been a real roller coaster ride today and we are supposed to get snow to low levels here tonight.. Thanks again for your loyal support and prayers for today, as I was real frightened waiting in the eye Dr's waiting room this afternoon..

      Take care everyone - Mike