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    Hi All,

    I have been suffering from Dry eyes for around 4 years now. Have tried a lot of drops and medications and am thinking to try Scleral lenses. My Clinic in Bangalore(Narayana Netralaya), India has suggested me to think about Scleral Lenses. The ones they have available are from the brand "Contamac" .

    Does anyone here have experience of getting these lenses from them/ any experience with Sclerals of this brand in General?

    I am aware that Prose has a few centres in India and its perhaps the best, and it would cost around the same , but it would require significant time commitment to get those fitted. Sankara Netralaya's(Chennai) site says it would need around 15-20 days for the process and lot of follow up visits.

    I am trying to see if i can start with these ones as it wouldn't require so much time commitment for now. If they help me enough i can think about switching to Prose ones later if needed.

    One of my friends has suggested me to check if i can get the variant which has Hydra-PEG coating as it can help avoid fogging on the lenses. Are there any other such factors that i should consider while going with this brand? I am a software engineer (work in AC environment around 8 hours per day).

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    I think the big thing to consider is the doctor fitting you and the care afterwards. Although I am near a Prose place this is what my doc was using, Synergeyes and although I can't compare them to know the difference I have had no problems. I am new to this but by going what I have read here the biggest factor seems to be the doctor helping you. Not sure what you mean by fogging, but if I get mine in without enough fluid I may get that or I get an oily substance on them. I can only tell you what my experience has been. Whatever you decide I hope it works out as these are a lifesaver for those of us who can tolerate them well.