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Chalazion Removal Surgery upcoming.

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  • Chalazion Removal Surgery upcoming.

    Hi All,

    I posted a few few weeks back a photo of what my Optometrist thought was either a tumor or chalazion.

    I have visited two Opthamologists now and they have both diagnosed it as a chalazion.

    He has recommended surgery in one months time to remove the chalazion via incision and currette.

    I asked him how it will effect my Dry Eye, Glands, tissues etc. which he said in theory they should be fine and that the gland the chalazion is in or has broken through, is already damaged.

    My question for anyone out in the forum I guess is, during this procedure where my inner eyelid is cut and the cyst is scraped out, Will this damage my Meibomian glands enough to increase the severity of my dry eye permanently?

    The chalazion seems to cover over 5-6 glands via looking at it, so will I loose all of them? Damage them?

    I have been doing hot steaming and hot compressing for four weeks straight with no luck, he said it has hardened after attempting to lightly squeeze on it (ouch).

    Also, he recommended massage of the glands after hot compressing to avoid future chalazions, but I have read up on Corneal warpage?

    Anyways, any type of answers about the safety of the procedure and protection of my glands would be my joy appreciated!


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    Before you go and do surgery, try IPL. There's been a lot of evidence lately that IPL can remove chalazions. This can help your dry eyes and avoid a potentially very invasive surgery. IPL is non-invasive and very low risk -- you just need to find a dr. There is no reason to not try IPL first.

    Keep doing warm compress to try and soften the meibum.

    I do not believe you need surgery, you should definitely look to do IPL.


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      Thank you for the response!

      I asked my Opthomologist whether there would be any other treatments that are non invasive, but he said given its on the inside of the eyelid and not visible via the outside, and has hardened, that the surgical removal would be the only option.

      But I would rather try something else if I can, I will look into IPL and find out if somewhere near where I live provide it.

      Im skeptical as to whether even do the surgery or just leave it forever, I donít want to damage any glands around the Chalazion. He said the gland itís in has most likely died, but itís the others I worry about as I already have MGD thatís been progressing over the past year or two.


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        Most Opthomologist are not well versed in IPL, this is why they might not know it. Also IPL for Chazion is very new, there is very little research papers on this (i.e., not even taught in school), and is new breakthrough in medicine. I would definitely give IPL a try, because it is non-invasive and very safe. It can also help your MGD as well. What is your location?


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          Oh ok I understand!

          I am In Wollongong Australia which is about an hour or so outside of Sydney.

          May I ask how IPL works? How it treats the chalazion aswell? my chalazion has gone rock hard now and when I flip my lower lid to see the inside where it is located, it has inflamed the inner lid also.


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            I am not sure where there are IPL providers in Australia.

            IPL stands for intense pulsed light -- its literally flashing intense light into the skin of your eyes. Nobody really understands the mechanism of action, but it is theorized to control inflammation and vascular disease problems (i.e., heal blood vessels).

            Give IPL a try -- you might need to fly to Sydney or even USA/Canada for treatment. But it would be worth it because you can avoid an unnecessary surgery, and save your glands. Early treatment the better.


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              I had a small chalazion that was too small for surgery so decided to have IPL instead after the first session I developed a huge chalazion on my left upper lid and after my second treatment I have burning feeling and visible capped glands on my other top lid. I was told it can get worse before better but I am worried I am wasting money on a treatment that will not resolve anything or get rid of the chalazia. Anyone else had this experience?