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  • IPL and Azasite

    Hello everyone! First off, I am so glad I found this forum. It has helped me educate and be an advocate for myself. I was diagnosed with MGD in September, after starting to experience dry eye symptoms in July (dry, burning, gritty, irritated). My eye doctor started me on Azasite a little over 2 weeks ago and I have also scheduled my first IPL session on November 11 (with a different doctor since mine does not offer it).

    I asked both doctors if it's OK for me be on Azasite while getting IPL treatments and both have said it's fine. But a few sites I've googled list photosensitivity as a possible side effect of azithromycin. So I'm still nervous that the Azasite would make me more photosensitive and cause an adverse reaction to the IPL. I might just be paranoid but does anyone have any knowledge about this?

    Also does anyone know about/have experience with long term use of Azasite? I'm not getting a straight answer from my doctor when I ask about long term efficacy and risks. All the studies I've found only follow patients for a couple weeks or month at most. I'm debating if I should stop taking the Azasite and just do the IPL if Azasite isn't going to be a long term solution. But I also don't want to stop Azasite if it's going to potentially help the IPL work better or make the results last longer in some way. My symptoms have definitely improved since I started the Azasite - it's the first time in months I haven't been miserable.

    Thanks for your help!

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    It's probably fine, that's more for taking certain antibiotics internally, but personally I'd stop using it for a few days before the IPL just to be safe.

    I really like Azasite, I feel it really gets in the meibomian glands and keeps them healthy, but I never know what the insurance situation is with it. So when my insurance did cover it, I stocked up. And every night I just squeeze out the tiniest drop on my finger and rub it on my eyelids. My eye doc said that's how they used it in studies, it was rubbed on the eyelid margins rather than dropped in the eye. I know the proper way would be to use a Q tip and not use the same side on both eyes, but I haven't had any issues, and I figure it's antibacterial anyway. By using a tiny drop like this, each bottle lasts months. I treat the stuff like liquid gold. And I've used it long-term with no issues.


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      lipino Thank you for your reply. How much would you say the Azasite helping you and how long have you been using it? I have heard it can lose its effectiveness after some time but wondering what your experience has been.