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Request: Manual Lid Expression Results (MGD)

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  • Request: Manual Lid Expression Results (MGD)

    My severe dry eye started within the last two years (likely due to accutane). Doc discovered only 4 meibomian glands total were open, and all glands were severely atrophied.

    I've had lipiflow which didn't do much, and as of recently, one manual lid expression on each eye. My ophthalmologist said the meibum was thick, although he was able to open a few glands up. It's two weeks later now, and I don't feel much better yet. Does anyone have any similar experiences having manual lid expression? Did you eventually get any slight relief from it?


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    Hi guitarman513--

    Can you provide some more info about what kind of manual lid expression your doctor did? It will be hard to give a helpful response otherwise, since I think that is a not a standardized procedure... we don't know exactly what you're referring to.

    I don't know when you had Lipiflow but it can take a month or more to see symptom improvement afterwards, and some folks' symptoms even get worse right after Lipiflow. If you have severe gland atrophy it is true that you are less likely to see a big improvement from Lipiflow, but it is still worth trying to take care of the glands you have left.