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Rheumatologist wants to biopsy lacrimal gland

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  • Rheumatologist wants to biopsy lacrimal gland

    A Rheumatologist I'm seeing wants to biopsy my lacrimal gland. I've done blood work but everything autoimmune related always comes back negative.

    Admittedly the Rheumatologist I'm seeing isn't a dry eye expert (If you know one who is please recommend!) and has suggested we get tissue to help be 100% certain it is or is not autoimmune related.

    I've had a worsening dry eye condition for about 8 years now (since I was 21). Every 6 months It's noticeably worse. I've tried the gambit of normal treatments from an Ophthalmologist is seems like. This is why we are doubling down on trying to figure out if it's related to something auto immune!

    Anyone had this procedure done or know of someone who has? I'd like to know more about it because I fear doing it if it's going to make my eyes a lot worse. Seems like a gamble.