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Checking back after 5 years

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  • Checking back after 5 years

    Hi everyone,
    Last time when I was seeking help here was 2016 when I had some horrible symptoms of dry eye syndrome. My daily life and work was severely impacted. What completely solved my problem was restasis and church life. For those of you who are not religious, at least you should try Restasis. I have been using it and I don't have any dry eye issues since. I almost forgot about this forum until today someone in my company's network was asking for advice to deal with dry eye problems. I just wanted to come back and share my experience hoping this can get this nasty problem out of your life.

    Hope you can all find good way to relieve the eye issues!

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    So you're still using Restasis or quit at some point?


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      How long did it take for you to get better from restasis?