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Dry eye / redness not taken seriously..

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  • Dry eye / redness not taken seriously..

    I wanted to share my experience of the last few years to see if anyone had suffered similar or had made a breakthrough.

    Just after my 50th birthday, 5 years ago, i suffered a very traumatic work related experience, for which i was subsequently diagnosed with PTSD. Soon after this i started to experience eye problems for the first time in my life.

    I was diagnosed with iritis or uveitis as it is also known. I was prescribed a steroid drop and also Timolol for the pressure. This went on for months and although the iritis was kept under control, my eyes started to look different, and started to go red and dry. Since that time i've spent the last few years trying to manage the redness and dryness. I must have tried every OTC drop, looked at anything and everything for a solution, hycosans, hyloforte, visu XL etc etc even Manuka honey !

    My problem now is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and Blepharitis.

    My experience of most opthamologists is that they don't take dry eye and redness seriously, and have no idea of the impact this has on a person's life. i've recently discovered from a good opthamologist that Timolol has a particular side effect for causing dry eye and redness. I was nt told this when it was prescribed and used it for over a year.

    I'm managing MGD / Blep now with eye bag compress, Blephaclean wipes and thealoz duo. I've had a Blephex treatment which seemed to work for a few days, and i'm now considering Lipiflow.

    What i would say, is that people who have never experienced MGD / Blepharitis / dry eye / red eye..etc have no idea how much this impacts on a persons life. I spend my whole time trying to find a solution. I even look at other people's eyes and think 'how come their eyes are n't red ? It massively affects your confidence resulting in mental health issues, however for some reason the subject is not taken seriously.

    Anyone with their own solutions to MGD and Blepharitis, please share.


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    Yeah I agree, it’s so sad that people don’t take it seriously. I think it’s because many people with dry eyes just have a little dryness and then doctors put everyone together but I don’t know. I feel like nothing really works for me and I have almost started to give up and just adjust even though I’m only twenty. It’s so painful that eyes are a thing most people just take for granted, almost no one knows that these problems exist. The only thing I can recommended it’s azyter, it really brings the inflammation and redness down but it definitely does not solve anything.


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      Ok thanks Hasten, I'll look at Azyter although i don't think you can buy it over the counter yet. What i would say is definitely don't give up trying especially when you are only 20. I've tried lots of things and some work better than others. One day you might just come across somethings that works.