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Sjorgen syndrome after local or oral tretinoins ?

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  • Sjorgen syndrome after local or oral tretinoins ?


    In addition to dry eyes, i start right now to have very strong dryness of mouth, skin, lips and nose. I used trets 9 months ago for just one week, but all my problems started at this moment.

    I wondered if some of you suffering of Sojgren syndrome did use, even a short time, a local or oral tretinoin ?

    It seems it can have a latent effect (side effects appearing months and years after the use), and a national report in France mentions the possible link.

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    if the sojgren is auto immune you can try hydrocloroquine... its used to treat RA.. use the RA daily dose.


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      Yes, I think my dry eyes is linked with topical retin-a usage which l used right before problems started. It’s a permanent condition. I tested negative for sjorgrens. I’ve had dry eyes since age 23 and now I’m 63. Hard to believe there is not more data available


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        It's permanent now, but maybe in the future ?

        Isotretinoin induced mgd has a special presentation it seems, can i ask you which treatments you tried ?

        I found that post helpful, and it relates to the last scientific papers i read :