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What is wrong with my eyes?

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  • What is wrong with my eyes?

    Last year I took sleeping pills for a month then one day I woke up with a hangover (from the sleeping pills not alcohol), I was fatigued, lightheaded, dizzy, and my eyes felt tired. Since then I have not been able to recover from that hangover and to this day I get eye pain and headaches regularly especially on only one side of my head. I used to smoke weed all the time and drink alcohol on occasion but ever since that day I can no longer tolerate it, whenever I use either the feeling in my eyes is exacerbated. I have done various tests and to this day none of the doctors that have seen me know what it is. Some have said it maybe due to anxiety, I went and exercised for a while and stayed clean but my eyes just don't get better, not even a little bit. I think I may be suffering from a form of migraine, I just don't know. Anyway thank you for reading and taking the time to answer my question.