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Need help with problems caused by wearing scleral lenses

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  • Need help with problems caused by wearing scleral lenses

    Hi! I had undergone Radial Keratotomy about 25 yrs ago. Since the last 6-7 years, I started having unclear morning vision, which improved as the day wore on. The problem went increasing, and now I have somewhat blurred and unclear vision throughout the day.

    I recently found the answer to my problems in scleral lenses. Have just started wearing them. But I am facing two problems - redness of the eyes, and extremely blurred vision AFTER I remove the lenses for about 2-4 hours.

    Would really appreciate any guidance, tips or other help!

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    I find that my eyes are extremely red for quite a while after I remove my sclerals. They put some pressure on my eyes, which, I assume results in the redness. I don't have the blurred vision but when I'm not wearing my sclerals, I wear glasses. After some time and frequent use of my serum drops, the irritation subsides.


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      I've had this occur sometimes. I've got a few different theories but I'm not totally sure what is causing it. It is usually after extended wear and seems to correlate with my lens getting tight. Does you lens seem tight (is it hard to get out, can you seen a circular imprint where the lens was, etc.)? How long does it take for the blurriness to go away?


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        DryInDenver I know you have had scleral lenses for a while have you ever had a problem where the lenses fit fine for a while and then started to feel "tight"?? I have had these lenses since Dec 2014. My eyes were giving me a lit of problems but they have gotten better. The left more than the right. I use to never feel the lenses in my eyes and now I am very aware of it. My schirmers tesr was 7 in that eye on Saturday and 8 in the left so they are about the same but the right is more uncomfortable. Now I lost my upper plugs in both and he has ordered so to put back in so made that will help. but he saif it looked like the lens has settled more on the right eye and we may need to get a new lenses. Has this ever happened to you ??


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          Sorry I meant to say my right one is worse. the left eye is fine.


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            Hi. I've had to get my scleral lenses refitted 5 times over the past 16 years because the fit had changed. As far as I know, the shape of the rigid gas permeable lenses don't change with normal use, so I assume the shape of my cornea fluctuated over time. It is unsafe to to wear contact lenses that fit tight. Numerous problems can result, including vascularization on the cornea, which happened to me. Tight lenses literally suffocate the cornea of oxygen. In order to supply the cornea with oxygen, your body grows blood vessels over it, resulting in cloudy cornea and vision. The scleral lenses are great, if they fit well. They must be regularly monitored for proper fit.


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              Thank you miki-mama the last time I went he said the lens looked fairly tight. He said there has been a decrease in the fluid behind the lens as apposed to what it use to be. He said this is from the lens settling long term. There is still a thin fluid cushion and the lens is not laying on the cornea but I still feel I need a new lens. I go to talk to him today as he is going to reinsert upper plugs and I will see what he says about a new lens. He said the shape of my cornea has not changed the topography showed that this is solely due to the lens settling back overtime which can happen with these lens he said. But he did said it can only settle so much and he feels it should not settle more after this new fit. he said he would just raise the vault a fraction of a millimeter or so.