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How long you use Scleral Lens?

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  • How long you use Scleral Lens?


    I suggested by my Opthalmologist to use Scleral Lens. I have irregular astigmatism, severe dry eyes, distortion vision, GASH day and night and other complications because of Lasik.
    I want gatherings information and find the best product and doctor, before I go for it.

    I want to know is there any other complications when using scleral lens?
    How long do you using scleral lens?
    Which scleral lens do you wear?
    Whose doctor is fitting your lens?
    Is it really helpfull to your vision? Or it is just another business industry (same like Lasik)?

    I really appreciate if anyone share your experience.

    Thank you and warm regards.

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    Hi Magna. Good for you for proactively suggesting sclerals to your doctor!

    I have not experienced any complications from sclerals, nor have heard of any complications. Like regular contacts, you can get an eye infection if not washing your hands and keeping the disinfecting case, plungers, and openings to the saline bottle clean.

    I first starting wearing sclerals 8 years ago. They worked very well for six months, then when my eyes reached zero tear film (likely due to autoimmune disease, not from sclerals) I had to stop wearing them for several years. A year and a half ago I started getting better, so tried them again and now wear them 12+ hours a day. I could not do all that I do daily without them.

    I wear Boston PROSE scleral lenses, only available from a PROSE provider. They have extensive training and experience evaluating and fitting patients for sclerals, which is key in successfully being able to wear them. I have been extremely happy with my lenses and doctor. You can locate a PROSE provider closest to you below. I recall you are not in the U.S.? They have some international locations:

    I don't know scleral brands are available in your country, but whoever you get them from, would recommend they have lots of experience successfully fitting patients with sclerals.

    The lenses fully correct my vision...and I have significant astigmatism and my worst eye is -9.00!

    Typically they have you try on some trial lenses first, to see if it helps and if you can tolerate the lenses, as not everyone can wear them.

    Good luck to you going down this path, Magna!


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      Hi Hokucat,

      Thank you for your sharing and suggestion.

      I am far from US, but I will looking best scleral lenses in nearby country.

      Last week I try to fitting scleral from AVT from Colorado manufacturer in Taipei.
      But this lens did not help me with my GASH.

      Do scleral lens help reduce GASH?


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        Hi Magna. I'm not very familiar with GASH, but according to this website below, "Rigid gas permeable prosthetic contact lenses are the primary option to mask GASH...". Scleral lenses are considered just that, while also vaulting over the cornea to bathe the cornea with saline to address dry eyes.

        However, you would likely need a very skilled scleral lens specialist to get it right. I'm not sure what country you live in, but if you are somewhere in Asia, both Japan and India have Boston PROSE scleral lens clinics. The Boston PROSE doctors have an excellent reputation for being extensively trained and experienced in evaluating and fitting patients with sclerals. Plus that's ALL they do at their clinics, scleral lenses, so would think they should know or be able to find out if anyone in their vast network has used their sclerals to treat GASH. Perhaps give the Japan or India offices a call (their contact info is in link I sent earlier) to discuss your condition with them, and whether they can help you with their PROSE scleral lenses.


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          Magna, I will contact my Boston PROSE doctor here in Los Angeles to ask her if she knows if PROSE lenses have been used to reduce GASH, or if she can refer us to someone who can answer that question for you.


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            Hi Magna. My Boston PROSE doctor emailed me back and said PROSE sclerals could possibly help GASH, but they would not know for you personally until they actually put the lens in your eyes to try. She suggested you contact the main Boston Sight Office to get contact info for the Japan clinic or whichever is the closest PROSE clinic to your country. The main office number is at the bottom of this website:


            Or you can try calling the Japan or India clinics directly from the link I sent you earlier.


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              Hi Hokucat. Sorry for late reply.

              I do a research. I found that Scleral made from RGP will help GASH from spherical aberration. But I had GASH from coma, trefoil, tetrafoil aberration. I am not sure it will help or not.
              My last post I said that I had try Scleral but not helping my GASH. I will ask AVT scleral company. What is they scleral made from?

              Thank you for your help to ask your Boston PROSE doctor.
              Your doctor is right. I should try PROSE to see is it help my GASH or not.


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                You're very welcome, Magna. My PROSE doctor is very thorough, skilled, and compassionate, and I'd like to think she is a reflection of other doctors in the PROSE network you may see, if you go that route.

                You have several complexities the average dry eye patient does not have, so am glad you are considering seeing a PROSE specialist or other scleral specialist who has significant experience and training. There might be specific changes to the curvature, thickness of the lens, etc. needed for your condition that is not typical for the normal scleral patient, where a doctor with less expertise may not know about. In other words, for your situation, I would NOT go to a regular doctor who is doing sclerals in addition to fitting patients with regular contacts and glasses.

                Even if PROSE or other sclerals do not resolve your GASH issue, they could help your severe dry eyes, irregular astigmatism, and possibly some of the other complications from LASIK you mentioned earlier. Wouldn't some improvement to your condition be better than none?

                Also, I have read instances where doctors prescribe patients to put artificial tears, autologous serum drops or prescription drops in their sclerals while wearing them, so it can possibly be more effective by staying on their eyes continuously. I myself currently put a few drops of artificial tears in my lenses and it helps a lot. So if you already have the sclerals, the doctors would be able to try these things with you immediately.

                Just my thoughts....


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                  Thanks Hokucat


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                    Hi Magna. How are you doing?