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Introducing the new BostonSight SCLERAL lens

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  • Introducing the new BostonSight SCLERAL lens

    Good morning! This is Melissa at BostonSight. I wanted to let you all know about our new innovative product, BostonSight SCLERAL. Leveraging six years of patient data of approximately 7,000 eyes, BostonSight SCLERAL offers a data-driven fitting system that optimizes fitting efficiency and increases satisfaction for patients and practitioners alike. We offer front surface variations that may be able to improve best corrected visual acuity and reduce symptoms such as glare and ghosting.

    You can learn much more on our website - - but I have answered several FAQs below.

    Q: How are BostonSight SCLERAL lenses different from BostonSight PROSE treatment?
    A: BostonSight PROSE is a comprehensive medical treatment model to restore visual function to patients with complex corneal disease. BostonSight SCLERAL is our new data-driven product delivering doctors and patients unparalleled scleral lens design. While BostonSight SCLERAL can help many patients, the diameter offerings and customization capabilities are limited in comparison to PROSE treatment. If your doctor referred you for PROSE, there’s a reason for it; only s/he can tell you if you may be able to use BostonSight SCLERAL.

    Q: Where can I get BostonSight SCLERAL?
    A: BostonSight SCLERAL is available from optometrists and specialty lens fitters across the country. As of today, SCLERAL is available in 52 locations in 18 states, with more being added each week. Visit our website - - and click the blue button in the upper right hand corner labeled "Where to get BostonSight SCLERAL" to search by zip code.

    There are no start up costs associated with becoming a BostonSight SCLERAL provider, and we offer free online training. Any optometrist or specialty lens fitter with the appropriate professional licensing can become a BostonSight SCLERAL provider, so if there is not one near you yet, ask your eye doctor about signing up.

    Please note that BostonSight SCLERAL will NOT be offered at our Needham, Massachusetts headquarters, as our clinical staff there will continue to focus on providing BostonSight PROSE treatment.

    Q: How much will BostonSight SCLERAL lenses cost me?
    A: The cost of a scleral lens fitting is made up of several different factors, including materials costs, and fitting and professional fees which are set by the practitioner. Therefore, the amount that you are charged will vary.

    Visit to learn more. Let me know if you have any other questions, and I will do my best to answer them.

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    Thanks Melissa, this is helpful as there have been lots of questions on the difference between PROSE and BostonSight Sclerals. I'm a long-time PROSE user and will be staying with PROSE, but it still would be helpful to have some idea of the price range for the BostonSight Sclerals for those people considering them. I've come across many people in this forum where the cost of PROSE and other brands of sclerals is prohibitive because their insurance will not cover the costs, so they are opting not to try sclerals.