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Are PROSE custom fitted?

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  • Are PROSE custom fitted?

    I have very bad case of dry eyes and I recently tried out a sample PROSE lenses. I felt that my eyes got better but the size didn't fit my eyes and I could feel the edges. I told my opthtolmologist that it works but I felt uncomfortable and she told me that I am therefore not an eligible candidate for them.

    She told me that this is pretty much the only size and that it just varies in millimeters. This worried me because I thought you could get PROSE lenses custom fitted for particular type of eye.

    Anyone know anything about this? I'm very depressed because this was my only option to feel better and with my job starting soon I'd find it almost impossible to work without these lenses helping me. Thanks.

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    Hi Daniel. I've had my PROSE lenses since 2010, and I wear them 12+ hours a day, so have lots of experience with them.

    It's common especially in the beginning to feel the lens edges. But that feeling can, but not always, be reduced through additional fittings to customize the lens to your eyes. The sizes do vary in millimeters, but I've read larger lenses are usually more comfortable. Mines are 18mm...have read they can range anywhere from 14 to 24mm! Also the curvature and thickness can be adjusted.

    Just to double check, the specialist who said you are not a candidate for the PROSE sclerals is from one of the BostonSight PROSE clinics in the link below? Or was it an optometrist or ophthalmologist who fit non-PROSE sclerals lenses?

    If it was a PROSE doctor from the BostonSight clinics, they all go through a quite rigorous training program and have extensive experience fitting PROSE sclerals, so likely they could tell if you were not a good candidate, BEFORE you sign up to pay the fitting fee and going through what could be a lengthy process just to be disappointed. Perhaps you can convince them you want to try going thru the fittings knowing it may not work out...not sure how stringent the protocol is. But FYI, the fitting fee can be quite expensive, especially for PROSE lenses if it takes several fittings. Unfortunately, not everyone can tolerate sclerals.

    If it was a doctor fitting you with non-PROSE sclerals, the expertise can be wide-ranging. Expertise is key in getting a successful fit.

    I would think whoever you went to to try on the lenses would have had a few different samples for you to try.
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      Daniel, there's also EyePrintPro (EPP) sclerals where they take a mold of your eye, then make the scleral lens from that. My PROSE doctor told me she refers people for EPP lenses when she cannot fit them using PROSE lenses. Something you might also want to look into.


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        Hi Hokucat, thanks for the replies and yeah it was from Bascom Palmer institute and she was a PROSE specialist. Very dissapointing that he told me that because I literally cannot work like this because of my unbearable dry eyes. I'll probably insist in convincing them so I can try different sizes.

        Are these EyePrintPro as good as the PROSE lenses? Because my doctor told me that PROSE was pretty much the 'gold standard'. I'll try to see what I can do from all the information you gave me. Also a last question, did your insurance happen to cover your scleral lenses or this is the sort of treatment that you have to pay out of pocket? Thanks.