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Anyone has problem with saline solution sensitivity(and pain)?

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  • Anyone has problem with saline solution sensitivity(and pain)?

    Hi, I have used scleral lens for about 1 year.
    I have corneal neuralgia.
    And as my eyes become more and more sensitive to chemicals and light, my eyes started to feel pain with saline water inside the lens.
    Does any one have same problem?
    How can I solve it?

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    Hi baoro. Just wanted to double check your regimen and products you use for your could make a difference in the comfort. Below, for the most part, is what has been recommended to me as a PROSE scleral user.

    Are you using Purilens preservative-free saline in your lenses?

    Have you also tried a few drops of preservative-free artificial tears in your lenses with the saline, which seems to provide extra cushioning and comfort? Several people like Refresh Celluvisc, it's on the thicker side as drops go. I personally like Genteal Tears, which is less thick. I usually put the artificial tears in first and roll it in around inside the lenses to the edges, then fill the rest with saline.

    Have you also tried using artificial tears or Purilens over your lenses while wearing them (Celluvisc might be too thick for over lenses)? The methodology can make a difference. I find it most effective to lift my upper eyelids and put Genteal Tears drops across the left, middle, and right on the sclera/white part of the eye above the lenses. Then pull down my lower eyelids and do the same below the lenses.

    What you clean your lenses with can make a difference too. After removing lenses for the day, I first rub them between fingers and palm using a few drops of Lobob Optimum Extra Strength Cleaner. Then I store the lenses overnight in the disinfecting basket using Clear Care 3% Hydrogen Peroxide.

    Your sclerals could be getting more uncomfortable because the cause of your condition is worsening. At one point, I could not wear my sclerals for several years because it got painful to wear them, until I had my glands unblocked and got the oils flowing. If I remember correctly, you also have MGD? Did you ever look into IPL in Korea? I recall there was an eye hospital that had it.

    I did not know you also had corneal neuralgia...have you tried autologous serum tears to help the nerves and surface of your eyes heal? Some people have found that helps using these drops several times a day. Have also heard some doctors have patients also put a few drops of the serum tears in their sclerals, so it is on the eye all day long.
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