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Boston PROSE for Canadians -- Questions.

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  • Boston PROSE for Canadians -- Questions.

    I have no supplementary insurance but do have OHIP. What are the procedures to get the Boston PROSE?

    1] Do I just have my OD submit the forms to Health Canada?
    2] Do I have to be at a certain stage of the disease to be recommended? I have rather high prescriptions (-8.50 - 1.00 x 016, -8.75 - 1.75 x 002) and it seems like I can't get prescription moisture goggles.
    3] Do I need to try regular Scleral lens first?
    4] Is there limitations on Boston PROSE end? i.e., assuming Health Canada denies my application and I am willing to pay out of pocket, will they just take anyone willing to pay out of pocket?

    Thanks all!!!

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    I'm in the U.S., not Canada, but I believe if you are willing to pay out pocket, Boston PROSE will still see you. Since I have had success wearing PROSE sclerals, I have referred a few people to them, some with insurance and some who were planning to pay themselves. I'm sure if you give the PROSE folks a call, they can confirm:

    Another resource who is well known in this forum for successfully fitting sclerals with his LaserFit process is Dr. Gemoules in Texas. And I've read several people in this forum have emailed him about their condition and he personally writes back to them fairly quickly, so a good direct resource if you have any preliminary questions on sclerals and considering going to Dr. G. If you have to pay out-of-pocket, I've heard overall including the consult, fittings, lenses, air travel and hotel accommodations it can cost less than the PROSE.


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      I have heard that PROSE is being fitted in Toronto now (Kensigton Eye Institute). Where in Canada are you? Also, have you considered EyePrint Pro, which is also being done in Toronto.


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        here is more info I found -- seems like "Approved by the Ontario Health Ministry, the clinic will initially be open only to adult residents of Ontario province; residents of other Canadian provinces will be required to obtain a singlecase authorization for out-of-province care." -- I wonder if they'll take anybody? Or need to reach a certain level of dry eyes before they'll see you?