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retinal hemorrhage

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  • retinal hemorrhage

    I've been wearing scleral lenses for four years and have had much success with them (PROSE for two years and then Jupiter for two years). This week I developed a retinal hemorrhage, which I think has nothing to do with the scleral lenses. My question is, does anyone have any experience wearing scleral lenses while they are waiting for a retinal hemorrhage to heal or undergoing treatment for it. My ophthalmologist did not tell me not to wear the sclerals, and they don't make my eyes feel any worse while I am wearing them. My photophobia is severe now, and the lenses seem to magnify the red spot I can see in my field of vision from the retinal bleed but other than that I am more comfortable with the sclerals in than without. I would just like some assurance that wearing the sclerals will not make the retinal bleed worse. Thanks!