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UCLA or USC for scleral lenses?

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  • UCLA or USC for scleral lenses?

    Hi There,

    I made a first attempt with scleral lenses, they help quite a lot but we can't get the fitting right. We have been trying for 3 months so I'm gonna return the lenses and try one of the two optometrists listed on the scleral lenses society website, either Vivian Shibayama at UCLA or Gloria Chiu at USC. Which one would you recommend?
    My sight is perfect, the scleral lenses are only for helping with my severe dry eye. I would love to hear from anyone who has used any of these two doctors. Just the office visit is over $800, I can't afford to pick the wrong place. I have tried everything else, I'm so low in hope and money, it is my last try and my last option.

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    I've seen both of these doctors. Both are fantastic, but I'd recommend Dr Chiu.
    She is really great, gives you all the time in the world, and knows her stuff. You'll be in good hands.


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      Thank you m4shore!! I'm really happy to read this because I called both office and made an appointment w/ Dr Chiu before I got your response. Her staff was also extra nice and extra helpful so I decided to start with her. Hopefully it will also end with her. .


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        Glad to hear Caroline.

        I've seen many doctors over the years, and Dr. Chiu is at the top of the list.


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          I just can't wait, thank you again m4shore They even manage to use my insurance for the 90min initial exam although I have zero optometry coverage.


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            Hi Caroline. Sorry I have not been in this forum for several weeks. Am glad you are seeing Dr. Chiu. I have gone to her for several years for my PROSE, and find she is very intelligent, compassionate, and extremely skilled at fitting sclerals. She got the right fit for my sclerals on the first try. I agree with m4shore, she's one of the best doctors I've ever had. And after insurance the total cost for me including the lenses was only a few hundred dollars. Hopefully your insurance will cover a significant portion, assuming you are a candidate for the lenses. Good luck!
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