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For PROSE users: Who to call with issues

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  • For PROSE users: Who to call with issues

    Posting on behalf of BostonSight:

    Who Do I Call When Something Is Wrong With My Eyes?

    It can get confusing when eye problems arise while wearing PROSE devices. All PROSE patients should have a Primary Eye Care Provider (PECP) that manages their overall eye health and some also have cornea specialists, glaucoma specialists or retinal specialists. Sometimes one of their specialists also acts as the patientís PECP. So, when something is not quite right with your eyes, who should you call?

    Here are some guidelines we hope will help.

    If you are having an eye issue that is ONLY present with your PROSE device on such as: pain or irritation only when you apply the device, foggy or cloudy vision only with your devices in, a broken device, solutions questions or irritation after using a new solution to clean or disinfect your devices, call your PROSE provider. When you call, please have a list of your current eye medications and PROSE solutions readily available.

    Sometimes, it is appropriate to call your Primary Eye Care Provider instead, such as: eye(s) that were fine when you went to bed but red when you wake up, itchy, watery eyes (especially during allergy season), discharge from your eye, vision changes noticed with or without your devices in, new light sensitivity or painful eye.

    There are also a few instances that you should call your PECP that do relate to your PROSE devices such as redness, irritation or pain from: getting a contact lens solution such as Clear Care or Optimum by LOBOB ESC cleaner in your eye (Please flush eye immediately before calling your doctor.), a device breaking in your eye or if you slept with a device in your eye. These instances require an evaluation and possibly treatment by your PECP. Your PECP must clear you to resume PROSE wear.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation