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New Scleral users - settling in period?

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  • New Scleral users - settling in period?

    Hi all

    I'm based in the UK, London and we don't seem to have the experience of the US when it comes to Scleral lenses. I've just had a pair made by Zacks in London but have struggled a bit with them. The focus is out on one eye which he will change when I go back in a weeks time, However I've never worn lenses before so they do feel odd, Is this normal? I get a fluttery feeling when I blink and noticed that after the first 3 days my eyes were quite bloodshot. I've got them solely for my dry eye (aqueous and MDG) and they seem to make the burning better but in some ways I feel I may of just swapped one pain for another! I'm going back in next week for a check-up where he will measure all the gaps again once they have settled down slightly and make any adjustments required, I'm wondering if there is anything I should or shouldn't be doing that would help.

    I wore them for 6 hours per day for the first few days and they seemed to get more inflamed as the week went on, On Saturday I wore them in the morning and took my daughter to the cinema in the evening (something I couldn't do for years) but by the end of the movie my eyes were murder and the left one felt like it was bruised! I took a break for a few days and have them back in today. Are you supposed to wear these for only a few hours to get used to them? does the strange feeling go away etc. When I took them out I had a ring impression in my eye from blood vessels, which soon disappeared, does this mean they are too tight?

    At the end of the night on Saturday I was putting eye drops in at the same rate I would without them!!!

    Any help appreciated - I'm not sure of the type as only 1 was offered by Bausch and Lomb..

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    Hi there! Sorry no replies so far! (Facebook is the quick place but then harder to get into so much detail.)

    They definitely shouldn't be a matter of swapping one pain for another (and I know exactly what you mean by that!) Have you had that check-up for the fit? There are some people whose eyes are a bit bloodshot every time that they take them out - not necessarily a huge concern - but a lot of redness or inflammation isn't normal. "Bruised" - absolutely not OK. And no, normally scleral lenses don't need a "breaking-in" period the way ordinary gas perms do because they do not (or at least shouldn't) touch the cornea. There's a getting-used-to-them factor but that's quite different.

    Rings could mean too tight. What can be very helpful is to have your appointment when you have had the lenses in for several hours so that they can see how they look after that amount of wear time.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation


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      Thanks Rebecca, Had my follow up yesterday where they noted a few changes to the one which feels the most uncomfortable, and we made the changes to the power for the new set. Should be a couple of weeks now to get the revised ones from B&L and see what difference they make. Still trying to remain hopeful as really wanted these to allow me to drive again further than 15 minutes!!