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Where to get scleral lenses?

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  • Where to get scleral lenses?

    I was here for awhile and went away to continue my own journey to find relief. I'm sorry to say after many different treatments I have had no relief. Like many of you, my dry eyes are the most difficult thing in my life.

    Now here is the thing that confuses me. I've read a lot about scleral lens and would like to try them. I found a few sites I would be interesting going to including Boston of course, Ann Arbor and where I use to work at Mayo Clinic . . . Rochester. However, I live north of Seattle. I did find the only dry eye practice in the state that I could find and have been going there. We have done lipiflow once and are scheduled to repeat after no positive benefits the first time. However, I brought up scleral lens to my dry eye specialists and he had no clue what I was talking about. I was really confused about his not knowing. I own a headache clinic and have worked as a headache specialist for 35 years. I can't imagine any important development in headache treatment anywhere in the world and I not knowing about it.

    So, any good places in the Pacific Northwest?

    Thanks in advance, Mike