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Pterygium surgery and scleral lenses

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  • Pterygium surgery and scleral lenses

    Would it be a bad idea for someone who has had pterygium surgery in the past to use scleral lenses? I'm thinking it would place too much burden on the areas affected by the surgery. Any thoughts or personal experiences are welcome.

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    I have pingueculas due to long term use of soft contact lenses and a short term use of vasoconstrictor eye drops; I have many veins and for me it seems impossible to support scleral lenses as it will further bother my sclera. So I think similar to you, it would be difficult for your eyes to tolerate sclerals probably.

    What is the cause of your dry eyes and have you tried other treatment options before giving a try to sclerals?


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      I think that some of the more customized lens design technologies tend to be able to work with a lot of special irregularities. I know that PROSE and EyePrintPro do, I imagine LaserFit probably does, and I saw a presentation at the recent GSLS conference about some technologies they're using with the BostonSight Scleral lenses as well to help vault over pingueculums, peripheral corneal cysts, etc. If you have a compelling need for sclerals it may be worth finding out more.
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Foundation


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        I agree with Rebecca. You can always go for a consult, especially with one of those most known and experienced in fitting sclerals that Rebecca mentioned above, so they can examine your eyes and give you their opinion on whether sclerals might be an option for you personally. At PROSE I know they typically have you try on a trial pair for an hour or so as part of the consult, to see if you can tolerate the lenses and if it provides any relief.


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          Yes, Laserfit does use its advanced software to vault over pingueculas, pterygiums, etc. We have noted that in some cases pingueculas have receded once they are protected from the dryness and the environment.