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Does scleral lenses improve the redness of the eyes?

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  • Does scleral lenses improve the redness of the eyes?


    I am an post-accutane MGD sufferer with dry eyes and looking to get fitted with scleral lenses because I heard that they help. My eyes start out okay in the morning and afternoon but begin to get dry toward the night. This makes my eyes really red, like bloodshot red and I feel really self-conscious/depressed about it. Will wearing scleral lenses help with the redness on the sclera in addition to the added comfort of having the cornea bathed in liquid? or simply put, will my eyes appear less red wearing scleral lenses?

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    Hello - I tried scleral lenses for the same exact issue about 2 years ago - redness due to dryness, and they did not work for me. I found them very uncomfortable and didn't see a difference in redness so no longer using. Sorry! Maybe you will have better luck!


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      Thank you for the tip.