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Probing in the Pacific NW US, MGD and Sclerals

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  • Probing in the Pacific NW US, MGD and Sclerals

    Does anyone know of a doctor or facility performing probing in Washington or Oregon state? I've tried many other treatments without success and hear probing is very effective.

    Also, I wear scleral lenses but still experience significant discomfort and light sensitivity. My doctor has told me this entails these symptoms are neuropathic, and perhaps some of the mechanism is increased neural sensitivity, but I still wonder if MGD is contributing to these problems. Should scleral lenses completely eliminate the pain caused by MGD and feelings of dryness?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Omega3. Based on my personal experience, I agree your MGD could be contributing to discomfort and light sensitivity you have while wearing sclerals.

    My MGD, and also aqueous tears deficiency, continued to get worse after I first got my sclerals. As it got worse, my lenses got more uncomfortable, and sunlight and all kinds of indoor lighting like fluorescents bothered my eyes so much, I was always squinting or wearing sunglasses both inside and outside while wearing my sclerals. At my worst with zero Schirmers and 0-1 TBUT, I couldn't wear them anymore. I tried all kinds of treatments and doctors for several years, but nothing worked.

    After I finally had probing to unblock my glands (including several with scar tissue), and made key changes to my diet which helped change my oils from thick to flowing and probably helped my lacrimal glands produce more tears, I had some tear film again and was able to start wearing my sclerals again. I wear them 12+ hours a day now, and often don't remember I have them on, and my sunglasses wear is like a normal person now. So it seems having a tear film, and a more stable one from the oils, can help with lens discomfort and light sensitivity,

    I live in California, so my current probe doctor is here. If you want her name, I can give that to you. I do not know any in Washington or Oregon. You might try calling Dr. ******'s office (inventor of probe), or Rhein Medical (probe manufacturer) to inquire. In the past, both had given me some doctors offices who they were aware bought the probes, however they could not necessarily recommend them.


    Like everything else, probing does not work for everyone, especially if your oils are thick, of poor quality, or non-existent. The trick is also getting good quality oils flowing.

    I hope it will work for you and you get some relief soon.


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      Thanks Hokucat that's really good to know. Glad you got some improvement with probing. It's really hopeful to hear your light sensitivity got better. I'm also trying a very restrictive and stupidly high omega-3 diet.

      Thank you I've heard of a couple doctors in California but was hoping not to have to fly there again. Just flew there a few weeks ago to visit the USC Roski Institute. I emailed Dr. ****** last week and he didn't know anyone. I'll try Rhein medical.