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Probing: do doctors need special tools/skills?

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  • Probing: do doctors need special tools/skills?

    Do somone know if doctors need special skills/tools to make probing work?

    I am asking this for somone who is 20, tried LipiFlow, all medications, IPLx2 and probing - visited almost 15 doctors in last 2 years and still suffers each day. Dr was not able to probe all glands mainly section was too thick. What available options?

    1) increase omega 3+ GLA - to improve oil quality, inflammation? or just waste money??

    2) find another dr for probing - but HOW to make sure dr has right tools/skills, otherwise just waste more money.

    I really feel sad because if ONE doctor had re-acted something, it would be 1000000 times easier to solve than now.
    I know many people in USA did the probing so maybe you have more/useful knowledge to share. Thanks for your inputs/helps!
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    MGD1701 thanks for the post above. I too would be interested in hearing a response to the above. I have been told by my opthamologist that probing is the next course of action for me. I am going to go for a second opinion before I commit to the probing. But after probing if it doesnt work he has said that I will just have to manage my symtoms and that I am at the end of the road with treatment options - which is kind of scary.