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MG probing - sudden relapse?

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  • MG probing - sudden relapse?

    In January 2015 I had upper lids probed in a clinical trial at Mass Eye and Ear with Dr. Hamrah. Hurt like hell, but it helped a lot - also have been taking testosterone eye drops, doxy, fish oil. Until this month, I've been consistently comfortable, just using Refresh gel a couple of times a day. Then, about a week ago, the burning, stinging started again with a vengeance; even using Refresh frequently only helped a little. I had some left over blephamide and have used it 2x a day for a few days, and feeling better - of course I'll have to taper off in a week or two.
    My fear, of course, is that the glands plugged up again, but would they do this suddenly, all at once? Or could this be a flare-up of some kind? If this is as long as probing lasts for me, it's a disappointment and I would face a lot of out-of-pocket expense (not to mention the painful procecure.)
    I can't see Dr. Hamrah until late July - he's moving to Tufts New England Medical Center and is booked up already.
    Appreciate any feedback on whether the benefits of probing could go away so suddenly.

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    From what I've read on this site, you are lucky to have even gotten six months relief. Many people on here report very temporary relief from the procedure. However, I have not had it done so please do not rely on me for experience.