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Chronic bloodshot eye?

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  • Chronic bloodshot eye?

    I have had chronic bloodshot/water/discharge in one eye for about 5 months, and would like to hear from others who has experienced this.
    My regular optometrist could not figure it out but prescribed a steroid drop, and once I discontinued use, it returned, which has been the ongoing routine since then (dr. prescribes steroids for a time, then it returns once discontinued, returning albeit more slowly each time).
    I went to my dry-eye doc (who successfully performed a Lipiview and Lipiflow about 1-1/2 yrs. ago), but he hasn't plausibly diagnosed (first he thought conjunctivitis and next it's recurring erosions).
    I can believe recurring erosions in this eye, because my eyes have increased in nighttime dryness since discontinuing my bioidentical hormone cream (10 yrs. using it). However, when my other eye suffered recurring erosions about 2 years ago, after cataract surgery, I had very little bloodshot or watering during the daytime! My dry-eye doc says it is a "mystery" as he would expect bloodshot from recurring erosions. Also, these recurring erosions are not even close to the painful and debilitating experience as the other eye's were.

    He says chronic bloodshot warrants continued use of steroid drops, but I want a diagnosis!

    Thank you.

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    This is gone for too long? Have you gone to the eye doctor yet? what did he said. also could be from allergy from Saop or towels that you are using. or could be from nerve in the eyes that are hamreges with .

    Try to eat some onions with your food or garlic fresh not cooked with your foods for a week see if this will help to get rid-off your redeness in the eyes.

    Try not to use eye drops from the shelf counter with out your doctors recommendations? Please let me know if I could be in any help.
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