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Sjogrens ocular rosacea.trouble with one eye after compresses

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  • Sjogrens ocular rosacea.trouble with one eye after compresses

    Iíve been dealing with this for over 11 years. The last for five years Iíve been doing really well with my eyes however the last year my left eye has gotten really bad once I start doing a compress especially after I go to the doctor and have my legs expressed. I do have ocular rosacea along with MGD. I donít know if Iím just going to heart with the heat making it worse. I try to skip a couple days of doing compresses but I canít skip too much or the glands will get clogged. Any advice? Iíve been using ice baggies but I still need to do the heat . Are used to be able to tolerate really high heat but Iím wondering if 30 seconds in the microwave is too much. Maybe just try to every other day? Iím also on loeemax at the time trying to get the inflammation down. Thanks to anybody who can help. ..this left eye is so dry and red and salty tears good night !

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    I apologize I posted in the wrong area and I donít know how to delete. Thank you
    thnaks again


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      Hello! Maybe something like Blephasteam could work better? Maybe your compresses are too hot?

      I have heard some people on this forum also complaining about warm compress irritation.


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        I'm so sorry your eye is doing that! I have Sjogrens and ocular rosacea as well. I had eyelid surgery a year and a half ago and it took 12 months for the swelling and redness to go away and then not totally. I was doing warm compresses and ice packs (do you know about filling snack size zip lock baggies with Karo syrup and freezing them - very comfortable packs) with the latter giving the only relief.

        Looking at a computer screen made things worse. I got some glasses that block all blue light (different from the blublock coatings on glasses). There are some cheap ones online if you don't need Rx. They are orangy in color. I wore them a lot. I avoid the rosacea triggers I knew about - caffeine and chocolate being the worst, but also warm dry room air, stress (LOL) - you may already know your triggers. If not, google can suggest some!

        I use Xiidra drops in my eyes. Because I'm low income and my insurance copay is $150, I applied to ShireCares (maker of Xiidra) and they send them to me for free. <3

        Go easy on the steroid drops. They can turn on you. They also didn't help my swelling lids.

        Then, I somehow thought I was reacting to dust mites in the house and did some reading, also about eyelid mites (Demodex and more). Especially since I was taking lots of immunosuppressants (cellcept and plaquenil). So, I asked my ophthalmologist for a prescription for the antibiotic Doxycycline (40 mg I think) and it made a huge difference. I still do warm compresses and lid hygiene, but that awful redness is gone and most of the swelling. My face doesn't get red either. I've been lucky and had no side effects.

        Your swelling could be caused by something different but those are things that helped me. I feel for you!!! Also, do you know about You could also post there.