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Eye glued down by drops

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  • Eye glued down by drops

    This is strange but sometimes one or other corner of my eye becomes a little stuck together by my night time drops. This minutely closes the aperture of the eye but makes an enormous difference to the comfort of the eye.. has anyone else experienced this? How can I replicate this on a more permanent basis?
    I have also tried using sticky tape to close the eye slightly. I canít believe the difference it makes.

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    Talk to your Dr. You could try getting stitch put temporarily in the corner and if it does help do the more permanent procedure where they close permanent!y the corner of the eye. It is called tarsorrhaphy


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      A procedure called tarsorrhaphy achieves the same effect but it is usually done for other conditions that significantly compromise vision and cornea. However, you canít have it on and off (although it is reversible) and it is a surgical procedure that affects appearance of the eye. I donít know of anything else that achieves a temporary effect like that. Taping the whole eye for a day could work? Not sure.

      I would recommend moisture chamber glasses or scleral lenses if you have not looked into them yet.They also physically protect the eye but you can obviously wear them on and off. Personally, I have no experience with sclerals but I do find moisture chambers helpful.