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  • Question About Saline

    Hi! I am trying to use drops less frequently. I feel like using them so often has caused my natural tears to get washed away. I would also like to try using saline as an alternate drop so that I am not using so many artificial tears. I know some people here use saline, so I wanted to know what kind I cam use? Is saline for contacts, such as Sensitive Eyes by Bausch and Lomb, something that would work? How about .9% inhalation saline?

    Since dialing back the drops, I think I am noticing a little improvement. I am also using Heyedrate a couple times a day, and that also feels good.

    Also, would Muro 128 ointment be harmful at night?

    I am trying this saline plan because my eyes feel almost perfect at the ocean, even if it is windy. My theory is that the salt in the air helps.


    Thanks in advance!

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    Saline can also wash away your natural tears. But if you do use a saline, use a preservative-free one. I wear sclerals so I use the Purilens PF or the ScleralFil, which are both buffered, which my eyes find comfortable. There are also unbuffered PF salines which other people prefer. And there are different size options. Usually for scleral wearers, one uses a lot of saline for filling and rinsing the lenses, so the larger Purilens bottles often make more sense. You have to find which type of saline and size works best for you, but definitely use PF. The Dry Eye Shop has several options:


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      Thanks. Yes, I would be very careful about not using too much. Like I said, I am trying to break the artificial tears habit. I currently use about .5 to 1 vial of PF drops per day, and I was hoping to cut that down. And, I only want to use a microdrop of saline at a time to avoid washing anything away.

      Have you had any experience with Muro 128 ointment, by chance?


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        Why would you want to use Muro over a regular ointment? Was it suggested to you? Do you get corneal erosions?


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          I just wondered if the saline content would be soothing. I do not have corneal erosions. No one recommended it to me, but I do know from personal experience that other ointments make my eyes sticky. Since Muro is not like other ointments, I wanted to know if others have had success using it for dry eyes.


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            I suggest drops that come in single use vials, like ThraTears or Refresh, rather than using saline from a big bottle. That would eliminate the possibility of using contaminated, no longer sterile saline.


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              I have read from American professional journal that saline has no lubrication function.
              Seems right for my own experience.
              if you want to reduce using drops, perhaps do more compress?? if you have MGD.
              when eyes are too dry, it might damage cornea - can lead to burning feeling??


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                Just so I am not repeating myself here is what I have discovered about eye drops. I continue to use saline most of the time and it works as good or better than most things I put in my eye.



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