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How can we make my sclera whiter again if they turned brownish because of dry eyes

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  • How can we make my sclera whiter again if they turned brownish because of dry eyes

    Well... I'm 18 and quite concern about my eyes because my right eye is turning redish brown and now I think I had an abrasion to my sclera.

    My only wish is to make them healthy or white again and stop the spreading of the brownish parts, well is not on the conjuva, it looks like a have an eye of an older person even though I'm very young. Any advice or something?

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    I’ve found using autologous serum tears, drops made from your own blood, every two hours (this frequency made a difference for me) or so help reduce redness on the sclera/white part of my eye. Serum tears would need to be prescribed by your eye doctor, and involves having your blood drawn, it gets spun to separate the serum from the blood, and then the serum is used to make eye drops usually by a special pharmacy that compounds them. Vital Tears is one compounder who specializes in making serum tears that many doctors use. The serum has similar properties to your natural tears, so helps protect and heal your eyes like your tears normally would. The RX is written for different %s of serum, my doctors have tried anywhere from 25% serum to 100% serum. For me 50-60% works best for my severe dry eyes, but everyone is different.

    Also , if you wear contacts, wearing glasses instead might help reduce the redness.

    Make sure you don’t use any of those eye drops that reduce redness, as those contain chemicals and preservatives that can be detrimental, especially if you already have dry eyes.