What I am about to tell you about is simply amazing with incredible results which improveme both physically in my feeling of well being and in my overall appearance...it may not be the cure for MGD but my quest to clean and clear my eye's finally lead me to rediscover human grooming..."the best way to solve a problem is to first identify the cause", this I wasn't following and concentrated all my effort, not to mention a good part of everyday cleaning my eyes and areas on my face that were thick with meibom and sebum buildup (invisible) on the skin but like super glue obstructing all the glands, interfering the lacrimal system and restricting the natural process of the body's skin...I tried everything (read my blog Eye's Wide Shut") even a chemical peel which I now do not recommend to anyone...I went to many so called professionals who charged me like a wounded bull and did nothing for me, quite to the contrary...the last ophthalmologist I saw told me to STOP CLEANING my eyes so much, he said I had over cleaned them to the point I had split the skin of the lid... when I tried to explain to him that it wasn't split that what he was looking at was the 2 outer edges of a fold in my lid like a pleat which I had managed to clean enough to open up but the edges still with a crust of meibom buildup...sounds crazy I know, he surely must have thought the same, but I saw that seam or rather a dart from the inner corner of the lid when it opened and was shocked myself...he told me he couldn't be my doctor if I wasn't going to listen to him and follow his instructions, I said that he wouldn't listen to me so that's fine don't be sending me a bill...I went home feeling desperation once more at the lack of understanding and help offered, he was the 3rd ophthalmologist that had treated me with disdain, what was I talking about, how could I possibly know something they didn't...I'm a real fan of Google and have tried every which way to phrase the symptoms I have without finding anyone else this has happened to...then I Googled "INWARD FOLDING SKIN" and there it was The Skin Fold Theory by Daniel Larberge...you must have a look at his video 'Rediscovering Human Grooming"...amazing results I guarantee you...I have looked a fright now for the past 9 months, either red sore eyes or patchy red skin on my face as I tried everything to clean off the super glue meibom/sebom that had built up over my life time of 57 years...I've been grooming mow for 7 months and my skin looks amazing my eyes feel great The skin around my eyes has relaxed and opened up now completely clear and clean, the rest of my face is relaxed wrinkles going as the skin unfolds, brown marks washing away, old rosacea scars which I had in the crease of my chin now smooooothed out, you won't believe how folded up your skin has become till you start grooming and it unfolds in front of your eyes which hopefully will feel the benefits as mine have...I don't use any products at all, no soap shampoo lid scrub artificial tears (maybe just occasionally) when I get some dirt in my eye, I'm a landscape gardener, not even any sun block anymore, I'll still wear a hat if I'm in direct sun but I try to avoid that and work where it's shady...I absolutely love this new skin I'm in and my eyes are loving too...try it what have you got to loose, if nothing else you'll look 10-20 years younger...happy grooming

Just an update...I've been at it "Grooming" now for coming up 2 years...it has all but consumed me and don't think I would have started on this path had I known how long and hard it was going to be...in the beginning I had huge results, watching skin unfold in front of the mirror as I worked...so excited I even contacted Daniel Laberge in Canada telling him all and promising to help him launch his theory with evidence of my own success...his answer to me was...' you are taking on the impossible at my age of 59 that it was something we need to teach our young for it to be easily obtained...a bit like wearing sunblock and hats to avoid skin cancer...he told me he had been grooming for 13 years and was only recently enjoying having the skin of his brows unfolded to the natural position...patience not being a virtue I process I have worked excessively some days for hours at the process of 'Grooming' my favorite saying, "I'm nearly there" and now I am nearly there...I've unfolded the wrinkles which had creased up the skin around my eyes enveloping my brows and lashes while constricting the opening of the glands...not to mention the blocking of my entire lacrimal system from the skin on my nose having folded through the constriction put upon it from the nose pieces of my glasses...Daniel Laberge's "Skin Folding Theory" is the answer to so many medical problems it needs to be known but like everything that sounds to simple and has no advantage to the pharmaceutical industry it has been impossible for him to convince the medical professionals of his findings and received nothing but ridicule being called a charlatan...everything he claims on his site I have seen evidence of in the mirror and no longer suffer from Dry Eye with the added bonus of having very few wrinkles, dark spot and freckles all but gone even moles have smoothed out...it's been a hard journey for me being 59 years old and not a girly girl a landscape gardener for most of my working life with a few scars which makes the skin fold up around them even more...I know it sounds strangely simple but it's the answer...at least look into it. Daniel Larberge 'Rediscovering Human Grooming'