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  • Treating paediatric dry eye - WSPOS webinar

    World Society of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (WSPOS) webinar on Ocular Surface Disease, 23 January 2021 (YouTube)

    'Children of all ages get dry eyes. A first sign can often be photophobia which has gone on for years.' (slides of lesions,...
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  • OSDI 78 -> 25 in about a year: what worked and what didn't

    This will be a long post. I posted it on as well-- check it out there if you want more bite-size pieces.


    Caucasian Male in my 20s in the USA with MGD, ocular rosacea, and mild blepharitis. No obvious cause. Started with severe...
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  • ebi1368
    started a topic 4 Plugs Overflow

    4 Plugs Overflow

    It is now 7 days since I have 4 full plugs. The first 3 hours were great and then the overflow started. The skin around my eyes is so painful. I also have very bad morning dryness.

    Should I give it more time or take out my plugs?
    Had anybody tried flow control plug?...
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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest started a topic Blephasteam Goggle Review (for MGD)

    Blephasteam Goggle Review (for MGD)

    First, this product isn't going to be a miracle cure. But I do think of them as a massive upgrade to the typical warm compress.

    Advantages of Blephasteam over other DIY options for heating the MG's:

    1. It maintains constant heat so you get the maximum possible benefit from...
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  • JenessaP
    started a topic Feeling Discouraged..

    Feeling Discouraged..

    In my 3 year battle with dry eye I have found this site so encouraging when I felt really down and alone in this mess. I have always been reading other peopleís stories trying to relate them to my journey and learn what has helped/ not helped but I feel that itís time I post my own.

    I am...
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  • When are your eyes at there best? summer or winter?

    interested to see when you feel your dry eyes improve according to the seasons:
    are they best...

    during the summer?

    or during the winter?

    just the same?
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  • elliemee
    started a topic Hello Again

    Hello Again

    Hello Everyone,

    I joined the forums a few years ago when my dry eye developed but I have signed up again after losing my id/password. I went through a lot of health events with life threatening conditions and discovered that the symptoms with my eyes were largely caused by type 1 diabetes,...
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  • Li11y
    started a blog post This Remedy Is "An Oldie But A Goodie"

    This Remedy Is "An Oldie But A Goodie"

    What I am about to tell you about is simply amazing with incredible results which improveme both physically in my feeling of well being and in my overall may not be the cure for MGD but my quest to clean and clear my eye's finally lead me to rediscover human grooming..."the best...
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  • KarenRB53
    started a topic Ocular Rosacea and Dry Eye

    Ocular Rosacea and Dry Eye

    Hi....I've always had problems with my eyes. Thought it was allergies so used Similiasan eye drops and too antihistamines. I have had Rosacea for long time and it has now spread to my eyes. My family dr prescribed antibiotic eye drops and oral antibiotics but they have not helped. In the morning...
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  • LaDiva
    started a topic Intestinal Overgrowth

    Intestinal Overgrowth

    I know the following isn't a highly technical medical publication, but it gave me pause for thought regarding intestinal overgrowth and ocular Rosacea: I started considering how important food is in controlling my eye problems, and have narrowed the food down to...
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  • jthomp
    started a topic Demodex/autoimmune...but why??

    Demodex/autoimmune...but why??

    DemodexÖ.but why??

    So, I recently decided that Demodex is causing the worst of my problems. I have so many pieces of this puzzle to try to put together (just like everybody else here). Iím just so frustrated and as I was researching on how to treat the Demodex with tea tree oil I started...
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  • jthomp
    started a topic eyelid ulcer?

    eyelid ulcer?

    I wanted to ask if anyone has any ideas of what might be going on with my eyelid. My left eye is the eye that has always caused my problems, i.e. MGD, ocular rosacea, severely dry, etc. My right eye hasn't been the problem and I can even wear a contact, but over the last couple of days I noticed what...
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  • sgoodmanrtr
    started a topic Blepharitis help!

    Blepharitis help!

    I have suffered from severe blepharitis for 6 years, and was told that it was because of ocular rosacea. During this period of time I saw three different optometrists and two ophthalmologists who tried Azasite (moderate relief, too costly to continue, returned quickly after cessation), oral doxy (no...
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  • jthomp
    started a topic I can function now with Castor Oil!

    I can function now with Castor Oil!

    I have been dealing with severely dry eyes and swollen eyelids for several years now. Some days it would feel like fire was shooting out of my eyes. Some days I didn't want to leave the house because of my appearance or because I was so distracted by my eyes. I also felt like I had cotton balls in...
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  • Please help me with my routine

    Today I'm just back from seeing my optometrist, after 12 weeks of taking 100mg Doxycycline daily, with no noticeable improvement.

    My optometrist is kind, patient, and very knowledgeable about dry eye. He checked various things today, inc lid wiper problems (said they were ok), sees no...
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