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When are your eyes at there best? summer or winter?

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  • When are your eyes at there best? summer or winter?

    interested to see when you feel your dry eyes improve according to the seasons:
    are they best...

    during the summer?

    or during the winter?

    just the same?
    People have recovered, so can we.

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    Thank you for asking this question.

    Short answer: Summer is best and winter is my worst time.

    Long answer:

    For 12 to 15 years now I have been telling the doctors that winter is my worst time, and for 12 to 15 years I have gotten replies like, “Well...that's strange….” or “I have never heard of that before”.

    Even though I can show that my erosion history if from approx October to April, when my eyes are the driest, and I can back this up with copies of chart notes, they still seem to dismiss the fact that my eyes are drier during winter months. If I point out the low humidity during winter in my area, and the increased humidity during summer, all I get is a shrug from them.

    I never mention this anymore as I am tired leaving the office and feeling like an idiot for suggesting this. This, me ranting a little here, actually makes me feel better getting this out.

    Thank you.


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      Hi Waterbee. Good survey! Summer and winter are the same for me. Perhaps because I have MGD likely from autoimmune disease, and/or because I live in Southern California where the weather does not vary much between seasons. Even when I've visited Hawaii, Florida, or Japan where it's very humid, my eyes still feel the same. Humidifiers never did anything for me either. Fortunately I'm much better than I used to be, but still have some degree of dryness.


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        Im just a little over a year with this,my eyes werent too bad last winter,now spring allergies are here and i think its causing even more irritation. So far my best time was after the first freeze last fall,my eyes were almost normal for 2 months.


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          Winter. The freezing cold is absolute murder on my eyes. Summer might be bright, but I can manage that with glasses and satying in. Winter just hurts.


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            Other than wind and bright sun, weather does not affect my eyes.