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Coconut Water HELPS!!!

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  • Coconut Water HELPS!!!

    Hey, thought I would share a great tip for dry eyes with you. I have begun to drink 1 coconut water a day and each day that I drink it, my eye drop usage drops dramatically! Seriously, I am much more comfortable and my eyes feel a million times better. I have been doing this over a month now and the change has been remarkable. I think it is worth a try and to get the word out among those that suffer. The brand that I have been drinking is O.N.E. Coconut Water. I am sure any coconut water would help so forget about the brand. I drink it first thing in the morning and it helps soooo much!!!

    Geri Bekmanis

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    I find this interesting because they say that drinking coconut water is like having an IV...hydrating the body....when I had spine surgery and hooked up to an IV my eyes were doing great. Maybe I should give it a try....a little hydration wouldn't hurt!


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      im in!

      Well i went to the health food store and got a 7 day supply. Its kinda expensive but if it works then you can order it bigger amounts and its not too bad. So day today...will write to say if it helps...on a side note....i have been using coconut oil for frying and a skin I already tend to like this stuff!


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        Thanks so much for the tip...drank 42 oz yesterday and today my eyes produced more tears and my vision improved. I'm drinking 50oz today and I'm hoping the outcome will be the same tomorrow. I'm going heavy in the beginning to rehydrate and then start to wean down if the good results continue!

        Thanks again,



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          I bought coconut water today also and drank 16oz. and didn't mind the taste... I bought the O.N.E brand. What is the normal daily intake supposed to be?


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            Woke up with watery eyes today....awesome...hopefully its the coconut water and not the cold front that just came through. I have no idea what the daily intake should be. I figure that if you are dehydrated getting a high dose in the beginning would be beneficial and then figure out the maintenance dose to keep the benefit going. I've tried to hydrate with water before and did not have this happen. Maybe there is something about the electrolytes being replenished?


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              It's been a couple of days now and I must say that the coconut water has increased the water portion of my tears. It's not a cure, but it does help with dry eye. I've asked some local friends who have dry eye to try it out and I'm waiting on their response.


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                Thank YOU!

                I have tried drinking cocnut water directly from the fruit for the past 2 days-- you are right, it does help with dry eyes!

                I asked the doctors about this as I am currently hospitalised-- and they say that coconut water is even better than an IV for hydration, it balances the electrolytes and restores moisture where it is needed in the body.

                I am so happy about this discovery! Thank you all for posting and sharing your experience!

                P.S. if some of you drink coconut and do not find much benefit-- do not give up on it, it might just be that your eyes are too inflamed to respond to it (and by inflamed I do not mean red and burning only....inflammation is always there in dry eye, in different extents).

                Thank you again,


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                  Amazing find! thanks so much for sharing. Hooking up to an IV after a night out drinking is failsafe for preventing hangovers and if coconut water is even more hydrating then i guess it should be marketed as a hangover cure. Although the extra tears would be even better. my trial starts tomorrow


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                    This sounds great and I will try it as soon as I figure out where to buy coconut water. I really love that members on this site share some unconventional remedies that my doctors don't know about or just haven't told me about. I am also happy to trial something that doesn't involve putting more goop in my eye!


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                      Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to pick up some coconut water over the next couple days to give it a try. Even if it doesn't result in significant benefit to the eyes, sounds like it's good for the body as a whole. Will report back after using it for a while.


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                        I've been drinking the O.N.E. brand (11.2 oz) everyday for a week now and no improvement for me at all. Oh well.... I guess I know my dryness has nothing to do with being dehydrated.


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                          I'm sorry to hear the coconut water isn't helping you.
                          I have to say I think it is helping me. I've been drinking a cup or two a day for a week and have noticed an improvement in dryness. Actually two nights in a row now that I didn't feel the need to put put gel in my eyes before bed and my eye felt almost normal when waking up. This was huge for me, usually first thing I can't wait to put in my first drops of Restasis to try and get that normal feeling. At first I thought is was from high humidity as we had a full day of rain but today and yesterday the humidity is much lower so I'm keeping my finger crossed, plus it is so good for you.


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                            this is interesting b/c when I went to see a naturopath a few years ago, she told me to try to incorporate coconut milk into my yes, it must be very hydrating -- I might try this!!


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                              Re: coconut water vs coconut milk

                              FYI Coconut water is not the same as coconut milk.